A Torturing Story From Egypt

There is overwhelming evidence the American government under leadership of George Bush sent prisoners to Egypt and other nations which practice torture as a means of securing evidence. Australian born Mamdouh Habib was tortured in Egypt despite the fact officials from the Australian government attended some of these sessions. An Egyptian intelligence officer who was present names people like current Egyptian leader, Omar Suleiman as being at some of the sessions since he was head of the Interior Ministry. Egyptian guards routinely filmed these sessions and according to one description, Habib, “was naked of any cloth even his underwear. He was hysterical and almost crazy drugged.” He claims that Habib was tortured several times since they wanted a quick confession. After the Egyptian episode, Habib was sent to Guantanamo prison and finally released in 2005. Naturally, he was let go without any criminal charges being leveled against him which led to his lawsuit against the government of Australia for being complicit in violations of his rights.

The Australian government denies having any knowledge of this torture of one of their citizens, but did pay him money on condition that he not reveal what happened. The real tragedy is failure on the part of the Obama administration to have an impartial commission investigate the entire Iraq invasion and the treatment of prisoners. Shame on Barack Obama for failure to provide Americans with the truth.