A Trip To Bountiful For A Wife

The small town of 400 known as Bountiful is located in a rural area of British Columbia and is the home to two Mormon polygamous sects. Men have numerous wives and everyone is somehow connected to one another although one might wonder if they eventually repeat names of children. Winston Bigdare has 19 wives and about 100 kids which averages about five children to a wife. His chief competitor in town is James Olmer who has fewer wives and children. Since the two patriarchs do not get along, there is scant communication between the town’s competing factions. The British Columbia Supreme Court has held hearings on whether polygamy is constitutional under the laws of Canada. Both men refuse to attend court sessions on grounds they have a religious right to marry as many wives as they can.

I wonder if polygamy is also legal for women. Can they marry numerous men or is this male chauvinism? I am all for freedom of religion but can I begin a religion which allows me to smoke pot, not pay taxes to any government, and rob an occasional bank on ground what belongs to you belongs to me and my 100 kids.