A Turkish Crisis!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party(AKP) have run Turkey for the past eleven years. Erdogan was successful in forcing the Turkish military establishment to cease interfering in the government of Turkey and finally deciding their role was not to step in when it thought the government was not conducting itself in accordance with the constitution. But, there is always a price to pay if one party remains in power for over a decade- the cost is invariably CORRUPTION. At least three government ministers have been charged with corruption and the list most probably is much longer. Instead of welcoming the work of Turkish prosecutors, Erdogan has decided to oppose any attempt upon those who work in his government. He claims there is a vast “conspiracy” which leads back to the United States or Israel or nations of the European Union. When in doubt these years, just shout, “CIA” or “NSA” and millions will believe anything that you utter.

According to Erdogan, “those who called this operation a corruption operation are themselves the very ones who are corrupt.” He has taken Public Prosecutors off the case, he has bullied the courts and is nonstop in complains about the “American conspiracy” rather than addressing issues of concern about corruption. Thousands are in the streets of Turkish cities yelling demands for change. The police are blocking efforts of the judiciary to carry out its work. The question remains: will Erdogan support or block this corruption investigation?