A View From Jordan On Gaza Conflict

Dan Williams, writing in The Jordan Times from OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, termed Israel’s Gaza attacks as having exacted an “unprecedented tool on Palestinian lives and infrastructure” that “aims to pummel Hamas Islamists into a truce on terms more favorable to the Jewish state’s long term diplomatic goals.” According to Williams, “worried foreign powers have urged the resumption of an Egyptian-brokered truce wichh Hamas, chafing at on ongoing Gaza blockade, called off on December 19. The Israelis have other plans.” He believes Israel does not simply want “quiet” in the region but an “absolute quiet” that means the end of Hamas rocket attacks. He believes, despite the carnage caused by air attacks, Hamas “still sounds undeterred.” He quotes Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyey, “even if they hang us and our blood spreads on the streets of Gaza, and even if our bodies are dismembered… we will not make concessions and we will not retreat.”

According to Williams, he was told by an Israel officials, “Hamas knows our demands, and there’s no use to talking about them publicly. Until Hamas signals that it’s ready to back down, all we can do i to continue placing a hefty price tag on its rocket attacks.”

He believes one way out of the situation is that Egypt, could “propose that Hamas submit to Abbas, in exchange for which Israel would end the Gaza offensive and ease economic restrictions on the territory.”

We offer these remarks without any editorial comment on our part.