A War Without Reason

Every so often a war breaks out some place in the world which leaves one wondering at the diligence some put into life in order to create one more war. Last month, Muslim insurgents who had been fighting for decades against the government of the Philippines reached a peace agreement which ends violence in southern regions of the country. Great. However, a group of Muslim insurgents declared themselves to be the Royal Militia of the Sultanate of Sulu and invaded the Malaysian province of Sabah.

There was a standoff, angry words were exchanged and finally the Royal Militia -only a few actually possessed a weapon–decided to cross a line drawn by Malaysian forces. Shots rang out. Twelve Filipinos are dead. What is the Sultanate of Sulu, who cares about the state of Sabah-except for those living in it, and how come we now have one more war to add to the list of wars?