A Wasted Death In Afghanistan?

Jonathan Couturier was driving in a vehicle in Afghanistan when suddenly the care was shaken by a violent explosion and within minutes the young Canadian solider was dead. His body was returned to Canada where angry members of the family lambasted the Afghanistan mission and said the young man lost his life for a cause he had come to believe was hopeless to achieve. Observers note a strange hush in Canada over the Afghan mission with most sympathy and feeling reserved for families of those who died while in the armed forces. Prime Minister Stephen Harper tends to avoid making statements as though he wanted the entire matter to disappear from the political scene.

Nicolas Couturier told the media his son had come to feel, “that war over there” had come to be “a bit useless–that they were wasting their time over there.” The overall impression of family members is that Jonathan didn’t really want to go to Afghanistan, but it was his job and he went were he was sent to serve.

It was just another death in the afternoon. Prime Minister Harper will proceed with his political life, the family will endure pain, and the mess in Afghanistan remains a mess.