A Wink Blinks On Twitter

Tony Abbott is prime minister of Australia and he decided to go on a talk show in order to get in direct contact with the people of his nation. Of course, he had just submitted a budget that came down hard on those who work for low wages or are disabled or attend a college whose tuition will undoubtedly rise. A woman who called herself, Gloria, told the prime minister that she has two incurable illnesses, gets by on about $1000 a month and even has to work on a sex hotline to make ends meet. The PM turned to ABC host and winked as though saying, “would you believe this stuff?” The wink was seen and is now all over the Internet.

Another listener who called herself, Chantelle, told the nation’s leader that she worked as a community care taker, and as a result of his budget, her job will end led him to comment: “we all have to live with uncertainty.” After all, he added, “I could lose my job in 2016.”

Some callers noted their college tuition would rise due to his budget. Such is life was his response. His daughter just won a scholarship to a prestigious fashion institute that is worth about $65,000. Oh, a few of his friends are on the committee that awards these scholarships.

No comment.