Abbas In The Middle

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there were nations interested in helping Palestinians and Israelis find the road leading toward peace. The absolute last thing on the mind of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is peace with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. As Israel turns its face toward Hamas in Gaza, it turns away from assisting President Abbas to be an influential person among Palestinians which means that Hamas leaders will become even more powerful.

Thousands of Palestinians now blame Abbas for refusing to help their brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip. Each time Palestinian police arrest a militant, it may reduce violence but it also creates an image of cooperating with Israel police, the same people who are killing Palestinians in Gaza.

Step One to end violence in Gaza is to assist the Palestinian Authority to become the center of peace for the area. If peace can be reached with Israel, then Palestine can become an economically successful area which means Hamas will lose power in Gaza.