Abbas To Israel–End Conflict Now!

Societies educate the young and themselves to relive past anger and hate. Humans relish recounting bad things they experience and, in so doing, ignore that for every evil act undergone, there were dozens of good events in life. Israelis have hungered for half a century to end their conflict with Arab nations and enjoy the calmness of peace and security. President Abbas, who heads the Palestinian Authority, appealed to Jewish people to take a gamble on peace. He told them once Palestinians had the 1967 borders, “there is another important thing to end, the conflict, and we are ready for that, to end the historic demands.” In other words, agree on two states based on 1967 borders, including some adjustments in order to allow X percent of West Bank settlers to remain, and Israel finally has PEACE! Abbas pointed out President Obama had urged the 1967 borders, the EU has supported the idea, “if America says it, and Europe says it and the whole world says it, you want me not to say it?”

Abbas revealed in discussions withe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “I told him this is a historic opportunity for you that we can sign a peace agreement. I am afraid if we can’t do it these days, the opportunity will be lost.” Abbas is ready for peace, Palestinians are ready for peace, the road of peace can now be walked, the only remaining question is: “Will Israelis cease listening to voices of fear and trust the voice of peace?