Abort Abortion Clinics

The state of Mississippi is more than a geographic area, it is a state of mind. During the era of the struggle for civil rights its leaders and many of its citizens insisted since they were from the great state of Mississippi they were not bound by federal or human rights standards. They were the proud folk of Mississippi. There is one remaining abortion clinic in this great state and it is only open due to an injunction issued by a judge, but that injunction will soon run out. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization was informed they were in violation of a state law requiring doctors to be affiliated with a hospital in order to perform surgery.

No hospital will give such status to doctors who work in abortion clinics. The design of this law was the abortion clinic. We now inhabit a land in which GOVERNMENT does not allow free enterprise. Oh, the clinic wanted to advertise for a doctor who had hospital connections but was denied by the Mississippi State Medical Association the right to advertise in its publications.