Abortion But Not Nipples At Super Bowl?

One can only wonder why CBS is allowing an anti-abortion ad to be shown during the Super Bowl given its concern a few years ago when Janet Jackson showed a nipple on TV. Perhaps, CBS executives decided the audience for showing scenes of aborted babies is much more uplifting than showing an uplifted breast. I have no problem with any ad being shown during the Super Bowl since most football fans are so engrossed in the game we pay scant attention to ads unless they are humorous. Focus on the Family is allowing Tim Tebow, an outstanding college quarterback to speak for those who are against abortion. Mr. Tebow insists he loves football because it has enabled him to spread “God’s work.”

For years I have been wondering where the expression “throwing a Hail Mary” comes from and now I know. Christian quarterbacks have been throwing Hail Marys in an effort to spread the word of God.

By the way, it is now clear to me that Jesus was a quarterback, how else could he spread the word of Mary?