Abortion Issue Arises In Spain

The nation of Spain confronts important economic issues which impact the lives of all citizens in the land. Nearly 40% of its inhabitants lack jobs and people are going hungry. So, what does the conservative government of Spain introduce into the lives of people–abortion rights! The new conservative leadership intends to offer a new abortion law that will contradict one passed under the previous Socialist administration. The current law allows abortions up to 14 weeks into the pregnancy and allows abortion in case of a malformed foetus.

Hundreds of women  protested in Madrid. They shouted: “We give birth, we decide. Not one step backwards.” The current government is reducing money for poor people, it is reducing funds for children with deformities and now it wants more disabled children.

The author of this blog has mixed feelings regarding abortion. We believe both sides in the debate offer valid reasons. But, if a government wants to end abortions, it must fund women who give birth to children, it must fund aid to disabled children. If a government believes in the right to  life, it must also believe in the right to a healthy life.