Abortion, The Dividing Issue

During the first half of the nineteenth century, the United States of America was divided over the question of slavery. Men argued for  and against. Although less than ten percent of Southerners owned slaves, most males were united in their support for a system that protected wealthy Southern men. A high percent of northern and western people opposed slavery although not that interested in the plight of slaves. Prejudice was rampant throughout the nation against black skinned people. The end result of not being able to resolve the conflict was war and death to over 500,000 men.

Today, abortion is the slave issue for this society. It divides people, each side takes a stand and refuses to even consider opposing views. For some reason, Republicans running for Congress are so intent on this issue they wind up expressing outrageous views concerning rape and abortion. These views merely reflect minds unable to examine issues from another lens.

I assume that future generations will wonder at our inability to develop a compromise about abortion. In the meantime, it is open season on stupidity about rape.