Abortion Wars Continue And Continue

First, let me make clear that this blog does have mixed feelings concerning the issue of abortion. It is a complex one in which those on both sides of the issue offer pertinent points. Certainly, the issue as to when does”life” commence is a philosophical one, and should be debated. The Red River Women’s Clinic is the last remaining place for women seeking an abortion in North Dakota. The state legislature attempted to close down the clinic by requiring any doctor who works at the clinic to have admitting right in a local hospital. The clinic has instituted legal action since the 3 doctors who perform the 1200 abortions fly in for the abortion.

This requirement has nothing to do with health and safety of the patient and everything to do with the politics of abortion. Reality: if there was no abortion option available, many women would seek illegal options and thus endanger their lives and health. If abortion depends upon money, then denying it to the poor is not ethically correct.

Fortunately, Sandford Health offered admitting rights to the doctors, but the issue is making abortion impossible based on monetary considerations.