Abortion Wars Continue

American conservatives constantly attack people in other parts of the world for their inability to establish viable governments. They are worried about “terrorists”who threaten the safety of Americans. Of course, these same conservatives seek to impose their values and beliefs upon American women who dare to control their own bodies. A new bill passed by the Arkansas legislature bans termination of a pregnancy after 12 weeks have gone by since  as people form the state of Arkansas they are not bound by what the US Supreme Court decides is legal. Governor Mike Beebe vetoed the law and was overturned because he has this quaint idea members of state governments should uphold the laws of the United  States.

I understand some seek to protect “life.” Some believe life begins when the faint noise of a heart beat is heard. But, what about my view? I believe that life begins when some dude shoves his penis into the vagina of a woman and dispatches his sperm. Once in, it should not be allowed out. In fact, how about requiring any man who wants to shove his penis into a vagina to get permission from the state legislature of Arkansas?