Abu Ghraib Detainees Sue Contractors

Four men who were held in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison have instituted legal action against two security firms, CACI and L-3, for violating their rights as human beings. The law suits were simultaneously brought in Washington, Maryland, Washington and Michigan through the assistance of the Center for Constitutional Rights which is at the forefront of the action. Sa’addon Ali Hameed Ogaldi, who was imprisoned in Abu Ghraib claims he was hidden away to the Red Cross would not know of the torture inflicted upon him by members of the security firms. Attorney Katherine Gallagher, stated bluntly: “Private military contractors and the individuals they employ cannot act with impunity. Contractors must act within the bounds of law and must be held accountable.”

One of the individuals she intends to testify is Timothy Dugan, who was urged by a private in the military to cease abusing prisoners and replied: “I have been doing this for 20 years and I do not need a 20 year-old private telling me how to do my job.” Hopefully, he will be told by the courts of the United States exactly how he should have done his job.