Accept Christ Or Clean Mess Hall

About 80 soldiers stationed at an Army post were punished for refusing to attend a rock concert featuring the BarlowGirl, Christian rockers who advertise themselves as “tender-hearted beautiful young women who aren’t afraid to take an aggressive almost warrior-like s tance when it comes to spreading the gospel and serving God.” General John Sterling, training And Doctrine Command chief of staff, was responsible for having the group present their concert. Men were marched from their company into the concert and anyone who indicated reluctance to take part in finding Jesus was marched back into his barrack and confined. They were not allowed to use cell phones and were given cleaning assignments which undoubtedly brought them ever closer to Jesus. The Pentagon made clear, “it is not a problem to hold a Christian rock concert on an Army post; it’s a problem if soldiers who didn’t want to attend were compelled to attend or feel punished for not attending.” Being confined to barracks is a lockdown and a lockdown is punishment.

My question is whether Jesus Christ on the Mount was preceded by a Christian rock concert and if He did not want to attend would he have been confined to the stables?