Accused Wants To Leave Courtroom!

Philippine Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona is accused of some sort of corruption and is now facing impeachment proceedings. Renato does not like being in a courtroom unless he is the one behind the bench who renders decisions about who can or cannot speak. Justice Corona is accused of having $182 million stowed away in about 82 bank accounts somewhere in the world.

Crona offered a rather lengthy speech which denounced his accusers  and demanded they reveal their bank accounts if he has to open up his  private information. He then stood up and headed for the door until Senate President Enrile thundered: “I have ordered the doors closed.” Furthermore, he is not going to tell the world about his finances.

Last reports are that Corona is still in the court. The doors are closed. No one, as of this point, knows what is in the bank account of anyone. This might be termed a “Philippine standoff.”