Ach, For The Old Germany, Says Banker!

There is a strata in German society which harkens back to the good old days when “real men” were in power who understood how to create a nation which contained 100% pure Aryan types. But, alas, no more, since the beloved nation is being taken over by Muslims whose strange ways only undermine the real Germany. According to Thilo Sarrazin who serves in the Bundesbank, among the ongoing problems facing his nation, is not finacial issues, but Muslim girls who have strange customs about dating. These “imported brides,” have a bad attitude which means “the Arab boy can’t get at the Arab girl,” so what do they do? Heck, they head straight for those pure blooded blond haired Aryan girls and try to get them. However, Sarrazin does se a silver lining in this problem since nice decent Aryan type German girls will have nothing to do with them Arabs and this results in German girls from the underclass offering to spread their legs for dark haired Muslim boys.

If this was not bad enough, the good German banker had to make a few remarks about them Jews. “All Jews share a particular gene that sets them apart.” Sir, I agree with Jews have this “money gene” which results in most Jews becoming billionaires. However, Sir, I just never got the gene. I was wondering if you would establish a foundation that helps Jews like me get the missing gene.