Addicted To Killing

The war in Iraq is long over but its effects continue to impact the lives of many people. The war in Afghanistan continues to place American soldiers in complex situations and since they return over and over to combat the effects can sometimes result in bizarre behavior. Dwight L. Smith served in Iraq from 2007 to 2008 and then was sent to Afghanistan from 2010-2011. On his return from service overseas, the young soldier kidnapped, raped and murdered a 65 year old woma named Marsha Lee.

A letter has been uncovered that was written by Smith to his father. “I am going to be honest with you, dad. I have killed a lot of men and women and children. Somethat didn’t even do anything for me to kill them. Also, some have begged for mercy. I havea  problem. I think I got addicted to killing people.” His letter goes on, “I could kill someone, go to sleep and forege that it ever happened.”

There is no excuse for killing an innocent person, but there is also the need to understand why people kill  those who have not harmed them. We need to understand the thousands of men and women like Smith. That is the least we can do for sending our men and women into harms way.