Admiral Mullen Concerned About Troop Timeline

Admiral Mike Mullen, who heads the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed concern over the recent agreement between President Bush and the Iraq government about a “general time horizon” for withdrawal of US forces. In an article this weekend in Der Spiegel, Prime Minister Maliki said he wanted US troops out of his country “as soon as possible” and termed Barack Obama’s suggestion for 16 months as “the right time frame for a withdrawal.” Admiral Mullen expressed his concern concerning the rapidity of any withdrawal. “‘I’d worry about any kind of rapid movement out and creating instability where where have stability.”

As an individual responsible for the safety of American troops it is only natural for Admiral Mullen to express these concerns. However, he was clear “we’re making progress and we can move forward accordingly based on those conditions.” In other words, all key decision makers accept that withdrawal must and will proceed.

Now, if we can just get John McCain to agree that withdrawal is Ok within the coming months all the key players will be in agreement.