Admiral Mullen Says Things Worse In Afghanistan

Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has been visiting Afghanistan and assures one and all the 30,000 new troops will be in place by August of next year. He visited villages and talked with elders and local leaders only to once again confront the reality that there is a gap between American plans and Afghan reality. Although President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden expect improvement in the Afhan war, the military commander admitted “the insurgency has grown more violent” over the past year and the situation is now worse than it was twelve months ago.

Admiral Mullen made the normal visits to Pakistan, consulted with their military leaders, returned to Afghanistan and talked with the Karzai government and concluded the situation was worse than a year ago. Now, this is a vote of confidence the 30,000 additional troops will be able to accomplish something- what it is, I do not know nor does the president.