Admiral Mullen Warns Of Pakistan Save Haven

Admiral Mike Mullen warned the situation on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border was becoming dangerous since militants are able to secure safe havens in tribal areas. “There’s a clear problem on the border.. there’s clearly not enough pressure being exerted to bear, particularly on the Pakistan side of the border.” Mullen believes the new Pakistan government is still trying to figure out its eventual program for dealing with al-Qaeda and the Taliban which is causing uncertainty in border regions on policy of dealing with militants. The Admiral believes “it’s a safe haven, and it’s got to be eliminated.”

Admiral Mullen undoubtedly is correct in fingering failure on the part of Pakistan’s government for lack of vigorous action, but equally relevant is failure on the part of Afghanistan’s government to be a viable force within its own borders. Pakistan alone can not reduce the Taliban threat. The Afghanistan government also has responsibilities for maintaining peace and security.