Advice Not Followed

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) told the media that he had repeatedly urged President Mohamed Morsi to adopt different strategies than those he followed.”We discussed various political solutions that have been applied to overcome their problems(economic struggles in the world). I emphasized especially the need to form a coalition with the opposition forces. I said a coalition would relax the society, dispatch political risks and that the country would come through their problems.” He went on to emphasize “that economic problems should be applied urgently and foreign aid should be obtained.”

The OIC head believes now, more than ever, is a time when all parties must join together and address immediate issues such as a collapsing economy and work as Egyptians to address issues of creating a viable democracy. Wise words that were ignored. Sorry, President Morsi, problems did not come from elsewhere, they came from your actions.