We offer some advice to anyone seeking to become a great president.

l1. Display the inner self, openly.

2. Live intensely for the moment.

3. Have a plan for the future.

4. See reality as it is, not as you would like it to be.

5. Never underestimate the ability of Americans to live with the truth.

6. Connect with the needs of the poor and middle classes.

7. Regard wealthy people as your enemy.

8. Create coalitions that span the nation and groups.

9. God is an inner voice whose words are not public.

10. Meet with each Congressman at least once a year.

11. Have ongoing social events with members of Congress.

12. Appoint those who disagree with you to Cabinet positions.

13. Select an independent minded Attorney General.

14. Have a good friend drive around America and talk with people in diners.

15. To be great is to be humble.

16. Read, read, read.

17. Select advisors who include social workers, psychologists, teachers, workers, and housewives.

18. Never allow money to interfere with the right decision.

19. Never forget what it is like being poor, ill, and alone.

20. Marry someone who wears old clothes.

21. Remember that Wall Street might provide money, but it also provides discontent.

22. To thine own self be true.

23. Better to be the underdog than the top dog.

24. The only important lobbies are those representing the American people.

25. Presidents who are loved by the wealthy disappear from history.

And, remember:

We honor George Washington because he refused power.

We honor Thomas Jefferson because he regarded himself as the voice of Americans, not wealthy people.

We honor Abraham Lincoln because of his compassion and humility.

We honor Theodore Roosevelt because he fought the wealthy.

We honor Franklin Roosevelt because he focused on the poor and middle class.

We honor Harry Truman because he did not back away from tough decisions and told it like it was.

We honor John Kennedy because he had vision of the future.