Affairs Of State,French Style!

In the United States of America a president who has a dalliance with a young woman is denounced as a pervert and in the case of Bill Clinton, subject to impeachment charges. In France, the allure of l’amour will always be in the hearts of its people and they admire anyone who can enjoy a good sex life. President Nicholas Sarkozy and his glamorous wife, Carla Bruni apparently are in a sex contest as to which one can attain the highest marks for sexual excellence. The press widely reports the who and when and why of their sexual exploits. Ms.Bruni reportedly urged her husband to hire a personal trainer who claimed to possess the ability of improving his sexual capabilities.

The latest episode in the exploits of the man and woman of France concerned questions as to whether Carla was wearing a bra or any underwear while attired in a designer gown. Of course, in America the question would be was she wearing a gun holster under the gown on 2nd Amendment grounds of always being ready to fire away, sexually or with a gun other than a penis.

I have a hunch America would be better off with presidents who got into sex rather than into Iraq. Vive l’amour!!