Affordable Care Act Now Cares For People

I so enjoy the pontification of Republican leaders about the Affordable Care Act which they regard as the first step along the road to totalitarianism. Members of Congress have been provided –for decades– free medical care and no Republican has turned down this offer from THE GOVERNMENT. Latest figures indicate that about 4,000,000 have signed up for health care. I do realize in so doing these lazy bums have surrendered their right to die as well as their right to get sick and never see a doctor. These rights are in the Constitution, just read the second Amendment. Over 700,000 have signed up since January and the final total five weeks from now which is the deadlines may well witness nearly 6,000,000 registered. The original hope was for 7,000,000. Of course, in addition to these millions, millions of other people are now covered by an expanded Medicaid.

So, what will be the Republican response if they capture control of the Senate this fall:

1. Vote to end the Affordable Care Act?

2. If they do so, it would be vetoed.

3. Then what, defund the Affordable Care Act?

4. If so, then how do they respond to millions of people who signed up for health care and now do not have health care?

5. Or, how do they respond to college age students are currently covered by parent health care plans and would lose this coverage?

Just asking.