Afghan Airstrikes Inefective Says Karzai

Afghanistan President Karzai said that airstrikes by US and Coalition forces have generally been ineffective weapons in the fight against terrorism. “The struggle against terrorism is not in the villages of Afghanistan. The only result of the use of the airstrike is the killing of civilians. This is not the way to wage the fight against terrorism.” This blog has been arguing for over a year against reliance on air attacks as an effective weapon in dealing with militants. The history of anti-guerrilla activity indicates scant evidence attacking from the air will gain victory. Karzai’s comment came after the latest episode in which civilians were killed as a result of plane attacks in Kapisa province.

Afghanistan is the scene of guerrilla warfare and defeating militants will come as a result of creating a vibrant economy, providing people with honest government that meeds their needs, and offers a vision that is beneficial for the youth of Afghanistan.