Afghan Anger Over Power Issues

A problem that always arises when a strong nation enters a weak one in order to “save its people” and bring to them the benefits of “civlization”is the end result is anger, not love. The Taliban opened an office in Qatar and offered to begin peace discussions. The US government agreed to begin to jaw, jaw and reduce the war, war. But, President Hamid Karzai is angry because it was not his idea and the thought of those who put him in power attempting to exert power is insulting. Karzai said, NO, and talks were halted. Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly attempted to get talks going, but the little man in Kabul simply refused.

As discussions about peace were in disarray, the Taliban were blasting away and killing Afghans and Americans. Step one is the need for a cease fire. Step two is the need to begin discussions rather than begin discussing what either side demands to be agreed upon. Whatever is agreed upon is the RESULT of discussions, not the  prelude to them.