Afghan Civilian Deaths Rise

President Obama and military leaders are convinced more troops are needed in Afghanistan in order to handle the increasingly powerful Taliban forces. The assumption is more troops on the ground results in greater security for the people of Afghanistan. This is a “theory,” not a proven fact. Ironically, as more troops pour into Afghanistan, there has been a rise in the number of Afghan civilian deaths. During the time period, March 21-April 21 of this year, there were 173 civilians who died which represents a 33% increase over the same period last year. Yesterday, another bus of Afghan civilians died as a result of a roadside bomb. As long as there are fanatics ready to die for the glory of their religion or tribe or clan, civilians will die.

The real issue is how long with the American people put up, not with Afghan civilians dying, but with American soldiers dying? We have a hunch it is not the number of Afghan civilians who die that counts, but the figure of dead members of the American military.