Afghan Daughter Becomes A Son

Robina Jalali is an Afghan woman who ran in the Olympics which angered the Taliban and other men who prefer women to be in bed with men or in the kitchen cooking them food. After finishing next to last in the 100 metres race she decided to run for a seat in the Wolesi Jirga, the lower house of Afghan’s parliament. Due to a recruitment drive nearly 250 women are seeking the 24 seats reserved for them in parliament. However, in Afghanistan running for parliament does not merely open possibilities of being slandered by opponents so much as being killed by Islamic militants. “I don’t care about the Taliban because I am used to it” she told the media and refused to abandon her quest to be a member of parliament. She informed her parents they no longer had a daughter, but a son who looks like a female. Her platform focuses on equal rights for women and new opportunities for young people.

“If I caved into fear and left the country, what would happen to all the afghans who were left behind?” An honest and brave statement. Too bad the United States lacks presidents and member of Congress with such courage.