Afghan Death Squads Take Orders From Foreigners

Profesor Philip Alson, the UN sspecial rapporteur on illegal killings, belives secret Afghan death squads are operating under the orders of foreign intelligence agencies and they are not frightened by the police or members of the armed forces. Alston said the attacks were beyond the legitimate military chains of command and they were “completely unacceptable” and “ouside the law.” Alson said there are numerous raids for which no government of military unit appears to take responsibility. “These forces operate with what apepars to be impunity.”

Alston said he knew of at least three recent raids. In one, two brothers were killed by troops operating out of an American Special Forces base in Kandahar. Another group that goes by the name of Shaheen, operates out of Nangahar, where US troops are in charge. According to Alston, “they are companies of Aghans but with a handful, at most, of international people directing them. I’m not aware that they fall under any command.” Although Alston refused to name a specific nation, his references were to Afghan troops who operate at of bases where Americans are in charge.

Rogue troops are not unusual in modern times and the war in Vietnam was notorious for their use by American intelligence. It appears that something similar is now functioning in Aghanistan.