Afghan Elections?

The government of Afghanistan announced there will be presidential elections sometime in 2014.  The last time there was a presidential election in 2009 quite a few people were rather upset at the manner in which votes were counted–or not counted. It appears that for many Afghan leaders their model of an election was based on the old days of Boss Daley in Chicago when many voters were actually dead when casting their ballot. There are reports President Hamid Karzai, who is ineligible to run might decide to ask his brother if he would be willing to take a crack at becoming the Karzai president -of the moment.

I assume if a Karzai runs the entire operation of the government will lend a hand, or should I say, lend a vote to this effort. In the end, another corrupt president will wind up as president and the Taliban will  jump for joy knowing one incompetent has replaced the previous incompetent.