Afghan Men Want Afghan Men To Rule–Forever!

As I recall, rather dimly at the moment, among reasons offered by then President George Bush for the invasion of Afghanistan was one that dealt with protecting the rights of women who were being abused by the Taliban. After a new government was established, American pressure ensured passage of legislation to protect the rights of Afghan women. That was then when the evil Taliban ruled, today we have ordinary decent Afghan Muslim men who are sorry that women got the right to be treated like a human. A crowd of Afghan university students protested at the possibility the decree on Elimination of Violence Against Women might be repealed by radicals in Parliament.

As protestr Fazel Hadi pointed out, this decree was “imposed by foreigners” and goes against the basis of their culture which empowers males to do what they want with women. On a more realistic note, Human Rights Watch announced that  Afghanistan now has the highest number of women in jail for “loose morals.”

I guess, in the end, the Taliban won that war.