Afghan Mess Continues

The never ceasing story of abuse and corruption goes on and on in Afghanistan making it virtually impossible not only to understand what is occurring on the battlefields of that nation, but who is in charge and what are their agendas. A 2,500 page document was presented to Canadian members of Parliament which contains a non-stop reporting of incidents in Afghanistan in which prisoners were abused, and attempts to uncover accurate information regarding the war effort in that nation were thwarted. For example, in January, 2008, a female MP on guard at Kandahar airport was grabbed by two assailants and told, “MPs best keep out of investigating.” In other words, those on the front line did not wish any investigations or supervision of their activities.

A new report from Canada concludes, “there is a disturbing tendency to keep information within and resist MP advice and oversight.” They did not wish any non-partisan military office to investigate their actions. Why, is the question?