Afghan Officials Involved In Karzai Assassination Plot

Nearly seven years have passed since the American invasion of Afghanistan supposedly ended the rule of the Taliban, but recent events reveal the war that was over is stiill thriving in the chaotic condtions of the Karzai government. Authorities have arrested two government officials who had linke to the assassination plot which nearly killed President Karzai. His government insists the plot was masterminded in neighboring Pakistan. “Al-Qaida was involved in the attack. That is very clear from us,” said Amrullah Saleh, head of Intelligence. Defense Minister Abdul Wardak said government employees provided weapons for the attackers.

On one hand, Pakistan Intelligence is undoubtedly behind the formation of the Taliban in the 1990s, on the other hand, it is an ally of the Afghanistan government. Lost in confusion of the attack is the reality that failure to pursue an aggressive policy of destroying al-Qaida and the Taliban by the Bush administration has now resulted in those organizations gaining power and becoming able to destabilize the government. The main problem today is lack of a coherent long term economic, social, political, and militry program that would crush the power of al-Aqida and the Taliban.