Afghan Parliament Rejects Karzai Cabinet Appointees

The United States drove the Taliban from power in 2001 in hope that Afghanistan could have a birth of freedom. Since that triumph and the emergence of Karzai as president the world has witnessed the substitution of a brutal Taliban regime with one characterized by incompetence and corruption. The latest Cabinet list submitted by President Karzai to the Parliament was even too much for the typical MP. The Afghanistan parliament rejected 17 of the 24 names submitted for the Cabinet as MPs rose up in protest against continued leadership by ethnic power brokers and civil war leaders whose only interest is using government to further their financial interests.

As female MP Fauzia Kofi noted: “these people did not have the correct qualifications” to be effective leaders of the nation. It was up to President Obama to make clear to Karzai the importance of having business leaders and academics and economists to be in the Cabinet.