Afghan Peace Now–Or Anytime?

As American, Afghan and British troops pound away in Afghanistan, the issue of long term peace remains elusive as ever. British foreign secretary David Miliband expressed his nation’s frustration as lack of effort on part of President Hamid Karzai to move vigorously in pursuit of peace. Milband stated bluntly, “my argument today is that now is the time for the Afghans to pursue a peace settlement with as much vigor and energy as we are pursuing the military effort. He expressed frustration with the delay and procrastination of the Karzai government at assuming leadership in pursuit of peace in their own land. In a nutshell, the British government does not believe a single word from Karzai when he states a desire for peace.

In the meantime while Karzai does nothing, British and American lives are being lost in battles for areas dominated by the Taliban. Those on the ground in Afghanistan fear the fight will go on and on because Karzai is not believable when it comes to peace.