Afghan President Blasted For Anti-Female Law!

The Western world exploded with fury at the new law signed by President Karzai of Afghanistan which, in effect, allows a husband to rape his wife. The law says a woman can not refuse sex with her husband, leave the house without his permission, get a job or go to school unless hubby gives approval. Prime Minister Gordon Brown made known his fury at this piece of medieval jurisprudence by telling President Karzai in no uncertain terms what he thought about the law. “I made it perfectly clear to the president that we could be tolerate that situation. You cannot have British troops fighting, and in some cases dying, to save a democracy where that democracy is infringing human rights.”

President Karzai initially rejected criticism on grounds the West had “misinterpreted” the law but said it would be reviewed. Where is President Obama on this issue? American troops can not fight to support such a government. Either they adhere to basic democratic rights for ALL members of society or just let the Taliban take over– at least they are honest about their brutality and undemocratic views.

  • Stu

    What do you expect when you throw out one barbaric backward regime and put another government in power that is based on the same principals……..ISLAM……..SHARIA LAW. Get it through your thick heads morons……..Islam is the root of all these things. And before anybody says it…….these laws ARE Islamic………so don’t say this is not true Islam……it is true Islam……it’s the watered down stuff that is not true Islam. If your one of those politically correct multiculturists………this is what you support…….this is what you are letting happen gradually around the world……..and eventually in your own country…….pull you politically correct heads out of your arses for a good look.

  • Fred Stopsky

    There are Muslims and there are Muslims. See the story about the British Muslim