Afghan President Enjoys Bags Of Money

I wish to formally apologize to the president of Afghanistan for my failure to understand why he receives money from other countries. President Karzai responded to a recent story in the New York Times about Iranian officials dropping bags of money into the Afghan leader’s lap. Karzai explained that several countries are willing to donate money for his official presidential expenses and that even the United States gives him “bags of money.” OK, so I was wrong about this honest man. One must admit he MUST be honest to admit to taking money, some would deny such gifts. I did not understand that Karzai only takes bags of money from people he likes, which goes to show that he is a democrat in heart. He will take money from everyone for anything and anywhere you wish to drop it off–his home, a plane, a train, heck, even in a mosque. This is a man with generosity of spirit, a man for all seasons since he is willing to take money in any season of the year as well as any day of the week. How can anyone attack him for being honest about taking money.

I wonder if there are still places in America seeking an old fashioned political boss who takes money, not just for himself, but for the betterment of human kind. OK, so he might skim a bit, but it is a skim that rewards both himself and others. This is a man with an open heart–as well as an open hand– to all seeking need of help in solving a problem.