Afghan Student Death Penalty Voided

An Afghan court voided the death sentence that had been imposed on an Afghan student who committed the terrible crime of downloading information about women rights. The judges ruled against the death sentence but sentenced 24 year-old Sayed Pervez Kambaksh to 20 years in jail. The initial sentence created a furor throughout the world at the stupidity and narrow minded Muslim judges who viewed learning about women rights is a crime against religion. The judge refused to allow Mr.Kambaksh to address the court and would not hear his testimony that a confession was beaten out of him.

The voiding of the death sentence is only the first step in the fight to establish the rule of law in Afghanistan. Amnesty International appealed for the student to be freed. “There are no legal grounds for either his conviction or this sentence. While it can only be a positive step that he is no longer on death row.”

American and allied forces freed Afghanistan from the rule of Taliban clerics only to have it now controlled by non-Taliban clerics whose outlook on life is not that far distant from the regime that was overthrown. What exactly is the West fighting for in Afghanistan?

  • Hillary

    It doesn’t say why the court considers women’s rights as wrongful. I am guessing it’s because it’s considered anti-Islam? Or is it because it’s anti-men?

  • Tim Marshall. London

    Next stop the Afghan Supreme Court.