Afghan Villagers — A Pox On All Of You-Leave Us Alone!

President Obama is reflecting on whether or not to dispatch thousands of more US soldiers to Afghanistan, newly elected Hamid Karzai is trying to figure out how to retain his crooked members in the Cabinet, and far off in the villages of the benighted land of Afghanistan, people are simply trying to survive. In the village of Qatar Kala, the local inhabitants asked the Talilban to please quit passing through their village and then asked the Americans to leave them alone and go fight the Taliban elsewhere. The problem began when Americans built a clinic which led the Taliban to blow it up which led the Americans to return to take care of the Taliban which led the Taliban to attack US troops which led the Americans to return in a fighting mood to the village.

The village elders told American officers, “we ask you not to come here. It is better for you, and for us.”
However, coalition forces intend to return and return. Such is life for the average person in Afghanistan.