Afghan Women Activist Killed

Eight years ago as American forces swept through Afghanistan, President Bush hailed the defeat of the Taliban as an opportunity for women in that forlorn nation to secure their rights. However, during the ensuing time, females have witnessed a constant deterioration of their rights to equality. Sitara Achakzai, has been fighting for female rights for years, but in modern Afghanistan to have such views is an invitation to death. She was getting out of her car in Kandahar when four men riding motorcycles opened fire and killed the activist just as she was ready to enter her home. A Taliban spokesperson, Qari Yousef Ahmedi, proudly announced his group was responsible for her death.

As a fellow Afghan noted: “She is about people, she was a leader. We are very proud of what she tried to do, and the whole family misses her so much.” She was also a citizen of Germany and could have lived there in security but chose to stand and deliver for her fellow Afghans. Even as she died, President Karzai was signing new legislation that reduced the rights of women in the country. I assume former President Bush does not regard Afghan female rights as Mission Accomplished.