Afghan Women Protest Male Laws Against Women

Hundreds of Afghan women took to the streets to protest new legislation which, in effect, forces a woman to accept abuse from her husband including submitting to his sexual desires or even asking his permission to step out of the house. Women regard this law as legalizing marital rape and an abandonment by the Karzai government of the rights of women. Dozens of police battled a mob of men who came out to protest the fact women were actually walking through the streets –unaccompanied by their husbands– and loudly proclaiming their opposition to male efforts to reduce women to the position of being a chattel of men. The men shouted at women, spat at them and even pelted females with stones. Perhaps, this is all allowed in the Quran, but this non-expert doubts any religion would condone such behavior on the part of men towards women.

Sima Ghani, a female activist denounced the law and the behavior of the men. “This law is against Islam and it’s against women. Women have God given rights. But these men are claiming those rights in the name of culture.” Of course, there is nothing in the Quran about women being compelled to dress in a burqa or completely submit to a man’s carnal desires.

The real problem is that President Karzai gave in to militants in order to avoid having problems with fundamentalist views in Afghanistan.