Afghanistan-2025-Discussions On Leaving Nation?

A conference dealing with the future of Afghanistan is taking place in London and there apparently is a difference of opinion as to the timetable for dealing with the nation. Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed his hope that by 2011 there would be an Afghan army of about 300,000 and ready to assume responsibility for maintaining safety and peace. President Karzai of Afghanistan is not on the same page. He told the conference, “with regard to training and equipping the Afghan security forces, five to ten years would be sufficient.” But, he just did not end there going on to say, “with regard to sustaining them the time period extends to ten to fifteen years.” Huh! If Mr. Karzai is correct, American and British troops will be spending Xmas eve in 2025 in the mountains of Afghanistan!

It is time for American and NATO leaders to speak honestly with Karzai who lives in a dream world in which the mess goes on and on and his cronies make money on and on.