Afghanistan And Women

The women of Afghanistan have now endured over thirty years of brutality and oppression from a variety of governments, particularly from those who support conservative ideas of the Taliban. President Bush argued in 2001 that not only was Afghanistan the source of 9/11 terrorists, but the oppression of Afghan women justified an invasion in order to protect them from further violence. There is no question the lives of women contains greater rights since that invasion, but the forces of conservative attitudes toward women remain strong in the country. A new law passed by the Afghan legislature would not allow women to testify against a member of her family even if he abused her as a person.

Finally, President Hamid Karzai has gotten the point this piece of legislation has infuriated people around the world. His spokesperson, Aimi Faizi told reporters “we are not going to allow such a law to come into force unless the necessary amendments are in place.” It appears a women will have the right to testify against a relative who violated her dignity. The mere presence of such a law, with or without amendments violates the rights of women. Imagine a woman being “asked” is she wants to testify against a relative who raped her??