Afghanistan Charges Pakistan Intelligence Aids Taliban

About twenty years ago, Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence agency(ISI) created what later became known as the Taliban. It has long been suspected there still remain close ties between the ISI and Taliban leaders. Sayed Ansari, a spokesperson for Afghan’s Intelligence service, charged ISI played a role in the recent kidnapping and killing of a Japanese Aid worker. “Such groups are organized by ISI, funded by IS< and sent by IDI to Afghanistan.. They(ISI) don’t want the rehabilitation projects in Afghanistan, that’s why they want to stop them.”There have been numerous reports that ISI agents work with the Taliban to sidelines projects aimed at restoring economic health to Afghanistan that are being headed by foreign nations. In particular, the ISI doesn’t want Indian road and factory development projects to succeed because Pakistan fears an Indian influence in the nation. Kazuya Ito was sent to Afghanistan to assist in construction projects and his death undoubtedly is not the most significant in the war. But, if he was killed by orders issued from the ISI, it becomes an important concern. Pakistan supposedly is an ally of Afghanistan in the fight to deal with the Taliban, but if the ISI allows its national concerns about preventing foreign influence in a country it regards as being in the Pakistan sphere of influence, then the entire world must be concerned. It raises the question as to who is fighting who in Afghanistan?