Afghanistan Charges US For Fighting

There is finally evidence the government of Afghanistan has learned the American way of doing things. Its officials have witnessed the Republican demand for free enterprise and its belief that the only important thing in life is making as much money as one can even if it comes off the labor of the poor. They have learned that in the pursuit of money the only morality is getting as much as you can. Pay workers the least amount and give the rich as much as they can get. The Afghanistan Ministry of Finance has imposed a tax of $1,000 on every container that leaves their nation and that includes military materials departing as part of the withdrawal from their country by the United States military. As a representative of the Ministry noted: “We just want some paperwork, because if they are taking out a container, there should be a letter telling us what this container contains.”

The US military told them to go to hell and they finally backed down. I assume the Afghans want paper work on a container that contains the body of a dead American soldier who lost his life in order to protect the people of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Americans died defending a government run by thieves and vultures who, at heart, are just good old fashioned American free enterprise businessmen.