Afghanistan Corruption Fault Of US

During the past several years there have been numerous reports concerning corruption in the government of Afghanistan, but according to President Karzai, the problem of such behavior does not stem from Afghan officials, but from US and NATO business corporations who offer contracts to rebuild the country. It does something like this:

1. Afghan officials are honest men.
2. The US government offers aid to Afghanistan which will go through corporations.
3. These corporations contract with Afghan officials.
4. The honest Afghan officials have to deal with hundreds of millions of dollars. Being honest, they do not seek to make any profit from such contacts.
5. Foreign business interests somehow get the money, use the money and take the money out of the country.

In all honesty, I really do not understand how Afghan officials have nothing to do with the billions entering their nation. In any respect, we can thank God there is an honest man like President Karzai in charge. Now, if he could only convince the people of his country that he is honest, this problem would disappear.