Afghanistan, Enigma In A Riddle

The seemingly endless turmoil in Afghanistan continues to divide, anger and frustrate one and all. It was essentially, just another typical day in Afghanistan. A NATO raid which supposedly killed “four militants” led to a furious mob who claimed that innocent civilians were killed, not members of the Taliban. During the protest against death of four civilians, another 12 civilians were killed by NATO and Afghan forces. Elsewhere, a Taliban suicide bomber crashed his car into a bus carrying police recruits which lead to the death of fourteen and wounding of sixteen. In a demonstration in the north against German NATO troops fifty more people were injured. NATO and US forces lack sufficient men on the ground to deal with the Taliban which leads to air raids. Unfortunately, an air raid against a village in which militants are hiding is also a village in which there are innocent civilians. A crowd of Afghan demonstrators who held aloft bodies of four civilians shouted in anger: “Death To Karzai, Death To America.”

During the demonstration some in the crowd fired at NATO and Afghan troops who fired back and once again everyone was shooting at someone. President Karzai once again issued a statement condemning air raids that kill civilians. Of course, once again he refuses to end corruption in his government and appoint honest effective administrators. It was just another day in Afghanistan.